tips for applying water slide nail decals:

This is the process that works well for me (you can use regular polish or gel):

  • Start with clean nails and neatly pushed back cuticles
  • Paint base coat
  • Paint two coats of either a white or light colored nail polish (the decals themselves are slightly sheer so the background will show through them a bit, that's why a white background works best.)
  • Cut the decal you want to use to fit your nail
  • Dip it into some room temperature water for about 10 seconds (it helps if you use tweezers to hold it)
  • Take out the decal and gently slide the film on top (which will have the design on it) off the paper
  • Position the decal onto your nail, once you're happy with the placement you can softly pat dry with a tissue, or leave them to air dry
  • Once completely dry, file off any bits of decal that are hanging off the nail
  • Finish with top coat

Bonus tip:

If you're having trouble adhering the decals to your nails, try this method instead: paint your nail with the white/light colored polish as usual and then paint top coat as well and while it's still wet apply the decal onto it. Then, once all nails are dry, apply top coat again. With this method it's better to dab the decal (once you've separated it from the paper) on some tissue so that it's not wet when you apply it onto the wet top coat.


Alternatively, after your base colored polish dries, paint them with a layer of nail foil glue, and apply the decals once it turns transparent and sticky. 

NOTE: The above instructions are based on personal opinion and intended as a guide only. Jane Safarian is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your nails. If you have medical concerns/physical ailments you must seek out a qualified physician or reliable medical source.