tips for applying fake nails:

This is the process that works well for me. Before putting them on you should:

  • Take off your nail polish (even clear base or top coat)

  • File your nails down short and neat

  • Wash/soak them in some warm soapy water

  • Push back your cuticles while they're still soft (you can use an orange stick or cuticle pusher, but don't cut them and please be gentle - this step shouldn't be painful)

  • If you have a nail buffer, use it at this point (if you don't you can gently use a nail file to slightly buff the top of your nail)

  • Clean your nails with nail polish remover (even if you've already done this and don't have any nail polish on it will get rid of any excess oil on your nails and the dust from buffing them)

  • Lay the fake nails out, ready to apply

I use adhesive tabs instead of nail glue because the process is not messy, and leaves your natural nails, and the fake nails, less damaged. However, you can of course use glue if you prefer. I use the slightly thick, jelly-like tabs and I've found that they can stay on for a couple of days at a time, are easy to take off, and the press-on nails are left reusable.

  • Peel the sticky tab from the paper it comes on (if the size is too wide for your nail you can trim it while it's still stuck on the paper)

  • Stick it to your natural nail - making sure it doesn't overlap on any side - and press down firmly so that it has complete contact with your nail

  • Peel off the paper on top, carefully apply the fake nail and again, press down firmly and hold for a few seconds

While you have them on try not to keep your hands in very hot water for long periods of time (bathing/washing dishes, etc.) and go easy on them when washing your hair (don't scratch too hard with the nails, I try to use my fingertips instead).

When removing the fake nails you need to wiggle them from side to side until they become loose and lift off, but please be careful so that you don't damage your natural nails by pulling them off too roughly. If you are finding that they're stuck on too tight and not wiggling off, you can soak your hands in some warm water to soften the adhesive tabs.

NOTE: The above instructions are based on personal opinion and intended as a guide only. Jane Safarian is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your nails. If you have medical concerns/physical ailments you must seek out a qualified physician or reliable medical source.